Why Internet Marketers Need An Autoresponder And A Follow-Up Email Sequence

Email marketing is the most impactful tool in the digital marketing toolkit. If the automation strategies are integrated, then an effective email sequence is created. An email sequence is a series of up-to-date emails sent out automatically at a predetermined time. In addition, there is a trigger that initiates the emails to go out.

An autoresponder helps marketers send educational or promotional content with minimal effort and at the right time. That gives space for users to focus on prospects and other beneficial aspects of the business, services, or products.

What Is An Autoresponder?

An autoresponder is an email marketing tool that allows the users to send a series of follow-up emails to the shopper or anyone else who joins their mailing list. For example, you can set the email autoresponder to send a welcome message to the new customer instantly after subscribing or signing in to the channel.

What Do They Do?

An autoresponder automates email replies. Therefore, it enables companies and individuals to build complete trust and belief in their prospects. An autoresponder is typically triggered by the actions of the visitors at the site. However, there is also an instance whereby the user sends the email directly to a different email belonging to the target audience by using an autoresponder. The primary example of email autoresponder are the confirmation and verification messages.

The script builds a rich audience network that will finally make purchases, thus promoting business growth. Most of the sites utilize autoresponder to recruit subscribers who will be enlightened about a particular offer at the right time to make money or a positive change in the world’s economy. Besides the automation of email sending and replies, the autoresponder eliminates mistakes and human errors in email scheduling.

Why Do You Need One?

If you are an online marketer, you definitely need to have an autoresponder. It’s an essential tool that automates your business to give you more freedom in your daily life. It would be best to focus on other crucial functions of your company and not the buffering communication channels. Email autoresponder converts the new visitors into subscribers who will establish a beneficial long-term relationship for immediate and repeat sales.  In addition, the automation of email response helps the marketer achieve measurable results, increase brand awareness, better delivery of marketing campaigns, and create a better customer base that guarantees continuous business growth.

Why Have A Follow-Up Email Sequence?

A follow-up email sequence is created when an email or sequence of emails is sent to a particular channel’s subscribers following their actions on a website. The sequence can be categorized as either a free trial follow-up, sale follow-up, or opt-in follow-up. There is no specific time set for you to send the follow-up emails. However, it’s crucial to create a responsive sequence when your audience is not busy. Evening and morning emails are known to have a high open rate.

You need to have the follow-up email sequence because of many important reasons. First, the rule of 7 in marketing states that the prospects ought to hear the advertiser’s message more than 7-times for them to take action of buying a product or service.

Ultimately, the strategy increases conversion rates when you do the follow-up email sequence through automated email marketing. When your prospects learn and understand how you communicate and try to stay in touch with them more often, they will choose to be your loyal customers. Still, you can filter the audience with the follow-up email sequence to focus only on a specific group that is the leading consumer of the product or service. Do the outreach with a follow-up email sequence, and at the end, you will completely grab your audience’s attention.


In summary, if you want to convert more visitors into buyers and more freedom to do what you really want to do, you really do need to have an autoresponder and an email sequence.  Remember, those who don’t buy today, may buy tomorrow, but they just might need an extra email or two to remind them of who you are and what you can do for them.  If you are looking for a great autoresponder service that costs nothing up to 500 subscribers, please click the “button” below.

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