Let’s Go Fishing!

Great Miami RiverWhen I was a young kid living in Piqua, Ohio, I lived in a duplex not far from the banks of the Great Miami River (still trying to figure out what was so great about it.)  My friends, Doug and Randy, lived in the other side of the duplex loved to go fishing.  They would usually go early in the morning.  The night before the adventure, you would see Doug and Randy soaking the yard with a garden hose so the night crawlers would come to the surface and then they would put the night crawlers into a container with small holes.  This was their bait.  The next morning they would take their fishing poles, their supplies, fishing nets, and whatever else they needed and head to the river.  Because Doug and Randy had a great fishing spot, usually caught a good number of bluegills.

Why am I telling you this story about my friends going fishing?  Because internet marketing is a lot like fishing.  Here’s how:

You need the right product – the bait.  In this case, the night crawlers represent the product you are promoting or if you are building a list, it is the lead magnet.  The fish represent your target audience – those you are trying to convert into leads and buyers.  If the bait isn’t right, the fish aren’t going to bite.  If you don’t have a product that can solve your target audiences’ problems, they aren’t going to buy or give your their email address as a lead.

Also, my friends went to the river, and they went to a particular spot where they already knew that the fish were biting.  You have to go where the fish are.  You have to go where they are biting.  Many times internet marketers will just “cast their line” wherever they think looks good and after a while they get no sales, they start to wonder why.

Let’s not forget the fishing poles – they represent the right tools.  What if my friends would have taken baseball bats to the river?  They would have certainly caught no fish!  An internet marketer cannot be truly successful unless he has an autoresponder with a follow up email sequence.  An internet marketer will also be more successful if he has software that performs keyword research.  These are just two of the right tools that you might consider.  Studies have shown that the majority of site visitors needs several points of contact before they will buy.

So, if you want to be a successful internet marketer, you need the right product – an irresistible offer, the right tools – an autoresponder and a follow up email sequence, and laser targeted traffic.

Now, let’s go fishing!

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