About Mark

Hi! My name is Mark and I own and operate Mark Butts Marketing which is a blog designed to teach anyone and everyone about the expansive, exciting, and constantly evolving world of online money making.  My vision is to inspire others to earn a job replacing income online so that they will have the freedom to live a laptop lifestyle.

I believe that financial prosperity drives personal freedom and happiness, and that is why I discuss many different types of money-making methods.  There could be numerous reasons why you’re looking to make extra money; you could be tied down by debt, you could be looking to start some savings, perhaps you simply hate your job and want to find something new that’s on your own terms, rather than someone else’s. The point is, there are a lot of reasons that you could be looking to earn some extra money or to create a whole new main income stream, and I am dedicated to helping you thrive with this endeavor. I think that the psychological hurt that arises out of debt and financial difficulties is staggering and can hinder people enormously. Because of this, I am constantly looking out for new ways and new opportunities for people to make decent amounts of money online so if you decide to follow my blog you will almost certainly see a money-making method or discussion that appeals to you and that is suitable for you.


A key aspect of my blog is its various content. I understand that different methods appeal to different people in different ways, and as to such I cover a wide range of content that’s suitable for many different types of people. I like to cater to my following of people who come from all sorts of different walks of life so that everyone can find something useful on my blog. I have an array of free resources that I am sure you will find useful, and my content is suitable for people who are new to online money making, and to pros alike. I make my content as widely applicable to as many people as possible to inspire as many people as I possibly can. As to such, if you’re interested in online money making, I’d be delighted if you had a look to see what appeals to you.

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