Let’s Go Fishing!

When I was a young kid living in Piqua, Ohio, I lived in a duplex not far from the banks of the Great Miami River (still trying to figure out what was so great about it.)  My friends, Doug and Randy, lived in the other side of the duplex loved to go fishing.  They would usually go early in the morning.  The night before the adventure, you would see Doug and Randy soaking the yard with a garden hose so the night crawlers would come to the surface and then…

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The Simplicity Of Online Marketing

During this Covid-19 pandemic many people around the globe have been forced to stay at home.  They have no job because people aren’t, for the most part, permitted to go out and spend money as they usually do.  So, companies have either laid people off or they have gone out of business entirely!  What do you do when you have bills to pay and you’re hungry, but you have no money coming in? Have you considered online marketing? Online marketing is really a very simplistic process.  You find a product…

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Welcome to Mark Butts Marketing!  Hi, my name is Mark Butts and you can learn more about me on my about page.  What my greatest desire to do is to help others to prosper online in marketing.  I believe that the information that I will share with you is priceless and that is the reason why my tagline says, “Priceless Marketing Information.” There are many different ways to earn money online from being an affiliate marketer to creating and launching your very own product.  We will discuss this and so…

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